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Burger chain receives flack for depicting Jesus with a burger and a joint

The Lunchbox Laboratory, a Seattle based restaurant chain, has created a stir with its latest Easter advertisement. Today’s special is a buy one get one free deal on a Burger of the Gods. With Washington State being only one of two states legalizing marijuana, the Lunchbox Laboratory depicted Jesus holding a joint in one hand and a burger in the other hand.

Today's Easter buy one get one free Burger of the Gods promotion for Lunchbox Laboratory.

The caption states that when Jesus returns, he will seek a Burger of the Gods. Apparently, some people found the unholy parody of Jesus with a burger and a joint as blasphemous.

Restaurant owner John Schmidt said he wanted to create a buzz to attract business on a typical slow business day. He said that Easter doesn’t draw much of a burger crowd, so he turned to a little inspiration to get some people in the doors.

Considering that Schmidt limited the ads to subscribers only, he managed to get some free ad time from local and national media. Apparently, Schmidt didn’t expect to gain so much attention over his ad, but it’s said that any publicity is good publicity.

A article mentions that some conservative talking heads have a problem with Schmidt’s ad. Someone asked if Schmidt would depict Martin Luther King Jr. or Muhammad holding a joint. Schmidt made it clear that he isn’t anyone’s moral compass, and if anyone is looking to him to play that role, he or she is probably misguided. He’s just a business owner trying to sell a burger.

The company’s Facebook page has a variety of good and bad reviews. The following comments appeared on the company’s Facebook page:

“I liked your food until you blasphemed my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will not support this kind of thing.”

“I support you and your ads! I can take a joke, apparently not everyone can. Keep up the good work!”

“I dare you do that with Allah! I doubt you have the guts as you know what will happen to you guys- us Christians are more civil then that and I won’t go to your business because of your crap.”

So what would Jesus do if he visited Seattle? For all anyone knows, he might stop in for the buy one get one free burger deal, and give his free burger to a homeless person. Besides, the advertisement gives new meaning to the "burger joint" term.

Read more about this story at the website or visit the Lunchbox Laboratory for more information about their burgers and promotions.

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