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Burdine survives challenge to MCREC seat

Campaign Photo, Al House District 105
Campaign Photo, Al House District 105
Mike Burdine Camapign

Former Alabama legislative candidate (House 105), Mike Burdine survived an attempt to remove him from the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee at it's meeting tonight. Burdine was quoted in a newspaper article a few months ago saying he would vote for Constitution Party candidate Bill Atkinson over the Republican nominee David Sessions in the race for Alabama House District 105.

Burdine was then of accused of violating the bylaws of the MCREC by making that statement in public. It would've taken a 2/3rds majority to actually remove him from the committee, however after the votes were tallyed Burdine managed to retain his seat with well over a majority of the vote.

In other news, a straw poll taken at the MCREC meeting tonight gave Herman Cain 31% of the vote for Republican nominee for president. Rick Perry came in second with 27%.