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Burchenal mound

There are a few Native American mounds located throughout the Cincinnati area. The Burchenal Mound is one of these Native American mounds. The mound is located over in Woodlawn but the actual location can not be disclosed because of the information potential that it could provide. The mound sits on top of an esker which is high above most of the surrounding terrain. The size of the mound measures in at about 8 feet in height and about 75 feet in diameter. The mound actually overlooks the West Fork located in Mill Creek and was originally owned by the Burchenal family as part of their farmland. The first excavation was conducted back in 1850 but there were no results published after this excavation. Back then the cultural affiliation of the people who built this mound was not known either. Similar excavations have however been conducted in the surrounding areas of other mounds which have been proven to be the works of Adena or Hopewell. It's typical of these particular groups to buried their dead and other various grave goods within their mounds.

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