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Burbank restaurant profiles: Chadaka Thai


Photo by stu_spivack.

Step off the sidewalk and through the tiny storefront of Chadaka Thai. You’re immediately welcomed with the clean, modern, and upscale décor, as well as the smell of a delicious meal cooking. Offering the freshest Thai food possible, the menu at Chadaka Thai changes seasonally to capitalize on those ingredients that are best during certain times of the year. Even better, they refuse to use MSG, so when you find that you’re addicted to their huge portions and you keep coming back, you’ll know it’s just that good. Featuring classics such as pad thai, tom kha soup, and chicken and beef sate, the kitchen here executes them with precision and hits the mark with some of the more adventurous choices like the jungle curry, and green pear salad. Chadaka Thai is one of those great local spots (family operated since 1975) that is a quadruple threat: great food, great service, great prices, and still flying enough under the radar that you don’t have to make reservations a month in advance.

310 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502-1125
(818) 848-8520

For more info: The best deal yet? Their killer happy hour. Click here for more info.


  • Ashley Torres 5 years ago

    The Pot Stickers are increadible and they have an AMAZING happy hour.

  • Nema 5 years ago

    I love Thai food, I'm going to try this. But if the pot stickers aren't amazing I'm blaming "Ashley Torres," whoever that is.