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Burbank: Gindi Thai

Gra Pow
Gra Pow

Located on Riverside Dr in Burbank is Gindi Thai, frequented by neighboring entertainment industry folk especially at lunch and happy hour. The average lunch menu item stays under $12.00 but average at $8.50. Happy Hour martini's are $5. The portions served during lunch hour are modest but the flavor is big.

An order from the lunch menu for me consists of a simple order of Gra Pow which I love and this did not disappoint. Gra Pow is a spicy dish which includes stir fried sweet basil leaves, bell pepper, fresh garlic and chili. The meal is complimented with an offering either white or brown rice. My choice was brown on this occasion. The meal comes with an iceberg salad and spring roll. Along with my order, I have the delicious ginger lemonade. Eyeing several dishes and drinks brought out, I observe presentation looks good. The beverages like the belini and green teas also look delectable.

My dining partner expresses disappointment in salmon in pineapple curry meal. Her desire is for a larger portion and more sauce. If one want the super size experience then this is the wrong place. However, if you want a cool eclectic vibe and good meal then Gindi Thai may be for you. My only complaints were slow service and lack of real attentiveness by service staff.