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Bunny dumped in trash, left to die in a box

Alfred, rescued by Clover Patch Sanctuary, receives his medicine.
Alfred, rescued by Clover Patch Sanctuary, receives his medicine.
Facebook/Clover Patch

A bunny now named "Alfred" is in the caring hands of Clover Patch Sanctuary after being found, left to die, in a box near a dumpster.

Alfred was found last Monday evening by a woman who was throwing trash into a dumpster in the Rivergate area. The woman observed a box beside the dumpster that was moving slightly. Inside was a lop eared rabbit, under six months old, and close to death due to its horrific condition.

The woman notified Clover Patch Sanctuary, a rescue / rehabilitation for rabbits and guinea pigs that is a nonprofit organization. Alfred was brought to Clover Patch immediately, and from there he went to a veterinarian. An emergency visit turned into a two hour stay due to Alfred's condition; he was malnourished, and so matted and crusted with filth the doctors could not perform a full exam. "What they did know was that he had syphilis by the looks of his eyes and genitals," explains a volunteer with Clover Patch. "They couldn't examine his teeth" because feces were caked in the bunny's jaw, "but it was determined that he has two rather large abscesses in his mouth." He also has a leg that appears to have been broken and healed incorrectly due to neglect. A large ball of caked feces was embedded in his body and fur, and his testicles were swollen and caked with filth.

The photographs of Albert's condition are so horrific this writer elected not to show them in this article. They can be viewed HERE.

As of this writing, Alfred is progressing slowly although the hair around his face is missing and his eyes are swollen. His swelling is most likely caused by the syphillis. His eyes are opening a bit at a time and he is eating and drinking. He is finally sleeping well, and his once matted coat is now a fluffy white. He is on medication and several visits to the veterinarian are needed. Despite the horror, he is a docile and sweet bunny.

If you would like to donate to Albert's care, please click HERE. Even a small donation can assist with bedding, food, and care.

To keep up with Alfred's progress, to see bunnies for adoption, and more on Facebook, click HERE.

If you have ANY information about who may have left Albert in the trash, click HERE. Your information will remain confidential. See Tennessee laws on "animal cruelty" HERE

Join me online and please, ADOPT NOT SHOP!

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