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Bunnies as Easter gifts often land in shelters or are released by recipient

Bunnies given as gifts usually end up in a shelter or worse.
Bunnies given as gifts usually end up in a shelter or worse.
Facebook/Bunny World Foundation

Some may think giving a bunny as an Easter gift is a good idea. However, many of these land in a rescue, shelter or are released by the receiver once the work involved with owning a rabbit is understood.

Bunnies as Easter gifts are never a good idea.

Those thinking that giving a bunny for Easter is a clever idea might want to learn about all of the supplies that are needed to care for a bunny and include these items with the bunny.

Giving a rabbit or any living thing is never a good idea if the person receiving the living creature has not said yes to this commitment.

As it says in the e-card shared on Facebook by Bunny World Foundation and included with this article, this is a 10 year commitment. Visits to a veterinarian are needed. Special foods are needed by bunnies as is proper housing.

Some give gifts of Easter bunnies thinking these are so cute, but like other discarded pets, the receiver may not be able to handle the expense or the commitment of time and energy to raise a bunny.

Rather than giving a bunny as an Easter gift, if someone is serious about having a rabbit as a pet there are rescues everywhere that can help connect a rabbit to a human.

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