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Bunnies and Kitties is a great book for all ages

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Looking for simple pleasures? Bunnies and Kitties: A Cuddly Collection of Fur and Friendship is just that. A great gift for Easter or any time, Bunnies and Kitties offers over 100 amazingly expressive photos of kitties and bunnies with captions that will make you smile.

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All of the photos- which variously include baby bunnies, grown bunnies, kittens and cats – are a wonderful expression of love and friendship between two different creatures – and fine examples for the rest of us.

Even the clever introduction conveys the sense that author Cate Holly knows that not all books must be Tolstoy; sometimes we just need a little pleasant diversion from the stress of everyday life. Per the intro: ‘Some books are depositories of timeless wisdom. Some concern themselves with the loftiest aspects of the human condition. Clearly, this is not one of those books. If you’re seeking enlightenment or yearning for answers to life’s big questions, quietly close the cover and run away. But if you’re looking for the kind of unrelenting and shameless sweetness that takes you to the very brink of sucrose poisoning, the kind of cuteness that threatens to fix your mouth in a permanent state of smiling, this is the book for you.’

Bunnies and Kitties is a book that can be appreciated by all ages. A celebration of love and friendship, the photos pair up a variety of ridiculously adorable fluffy bunnies and pretty kitties and will be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. It’s difficult to argue with over-the-top cuteness. The photos are also ideal for showing to babies and toddlers and the compact size makes it perfect for tucking into a purse or backpack.

Bunnies and Kitties: A Cuddly Collection of Fur and Friendship was just published by Running Press as of March 11, 2014 and is available from numerous booksellers, including Amazon.



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