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Bunnies and Butterflies at Trinity Audubon

Spring time is Bunny time
Spring time is Bunny time
Trinity River Audubon website

Now that Spring is here, it is time to emerge from the hibernation of all of that snow (it is finally over, right?) and get out to enjoy the nature that surrounds North Texas. Butterflies, bunnies, buttercups, and birds abound.

Did you know that the Trinity River Audubon Center has free events? The third Thursdays of the month is one time. In April, there is a hosted tour all about butterflies.

On Saturdays, you can take guided hikes along the trails through the Great Trinity Forest. Admission is free. This would be a great way to get some aerobic walking in and loosen up those winter joints. It also might be fun to take the grandkids along with you. They can visit the turtle pond and see birds, plants and crawly things native to Texas. On Saturdays from 2-4 pm the Center hosts Adventure Club for kids. It is no too late to sign them up to participate.

There are other events coming up as well, though they are fund raisers. One on May 6th is worth marking on your calendars. That is the Scissortails and Cocktails evening. There will be music and refreshments amongst the breathtaking Spring views. All proceeds go towards the Trinity Audubon conservation and education efforts.

For more info contact-

•Trinity River Audubon Center

•6500 S. Loop 12

•Dallas, TX

•Phone: (214) 370-9967



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