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Bungled burglary in Valley Springs

German bank vault
German bank vault
Photo by Handout

The Calaveras Sheriff's Department reports they responded to an alarm at the Umpqua bank in Valley springs this morning, Jan 23, 2014. The deputies responded to the bank just before 10:30 a.m. this morning, only to find no one inside the bank, but with ceiling tiles laying on the floor.

The erstwhile thief is reported to have made his or her entry to the bank through a vent in the roof, and into the ceiling area. On entering the interior area of the bank, the burglar activated the alarms. Many of the drawers in the bank were gone through, however, it appears nothing was taken, and the thief managed to escape just before the Sheriff deputies arrived.

The thief left behind quite a bit of evidence though, in the form of DNA, fingerprints, shoe prints and surveillance camera footage which showed the thief in action.

The Calaveras Sheriff's office is continuing the investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available. It may be presumed Umpqua Bank may consider additional alarms and security measures to prevent a repeat entry in this fashion.