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Bungie talks upcoming ‘Destiny’ beta, playing alone as well as multiplayer

Bungie talks upcoming ‘Destiny’ beta, playing alone as well as multiplayer
Bungie talks upcoming ‘Destiny’ beta, playing alone as well as multiplayer
Bungie talks upcoming ‘Destiny’ beta, playing alone as well as multiplayer (photo via

Bungie, developers of the mega-hit Halo franchise, are boldly venturing into new territory with their upcoming, still somewhat undefined shooter, Destiny.

Destiny has highly talked about within Halo and Bungie fan circles, although without much background on what the game actually may be. Bungie took the chance of a public Alpha test in order to unveil more of what type of game Destiny is striving for, and looks forward to get the game in to more fans hands soon, with the Beta, beginning on PlayStation 4 July 17. Tom Sanocki, Character, Cinematic, and Technical Art lead on Destiny, spoke with Examiner about community.

Bungie has always strived for a good relationships with our community, which involves them telling us what they like and what they don’t like."

As validated by the Halo 3 beta, which was included with purchase of Crackdown, Bungie does indeed like to gain feedback and tweak their product right up to launch.

“The beta is going to be the second step toward launch,” Sanocki said, “and when we launch, we’re hoping to take all of that feedback and use it to create a great launch for our game”.

Upon jumping into the alpha, many players were somewhat taken back by the amount of MMO like features, as well as similarities to familiar franchises that may have influenced Destiny, such as Mass Effect, Borderlands and World of Warcraft. One key differentiator, Bungie says, is that Destiny has been designed with the intent “to make it their hobby, and folks will be able to play it as intense or casual as they want.”

Bungie is also very well aware that not all players may be social, care for MMO’s, or want to go alone all the time. Sanocki elaborated on this sentiment to Examiner.

Whatever activity you choose, you will get rewards for it and you’ll be able to use that to build your character.

“If you choose to play competitive multiplayer all the time, you should do that and you’ll have a wonderful time,” Sanocki explained. “If you’re a casual player and you’re not big into shooters, you can spend more time in The Tower, you can explore, picking up missions as you go along, and [your experience] will be low-key.”

Sanocki maintains that players will have an enormous amount of choice, variety, and challenge, regardless of playing alone, with a friend, or with strangers.

“Both are great ways to play the game and we’re hoping players will mix and match,” Sanocki continued, “no one will force you into a competitive multiplayer situation that you don’t want to be in.”

Destiny releases on Sept. 9, 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Players that pre-order will have a chance to give their feedback in the upcoming Beta, which begins July 17 on PlayStation consoles, while Xbox users will have to wait until July 23. The Beta will conclude on July 28, 2014.

Bungie also released news on July 7 of two collector’s editions, with access to two expansions, and more.

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