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Bungie talks 'Destiny': The Tower will serve as a 'social hub' for Guardians

Ready for some Destiny?
Ready for some Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

Destiny is looking like it will be featuring enormous scope as one of the biggest games we've seen in a while, but there is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding it. Destiny has repeatedly been described as a social game for players and we learned new details about where players will be able to meet others when they play Destiny.

David Dague, who is the community manager at Bungie, discussed where players will be able to go in the retail version of Destiny as well as the location that will serve as a great way for Guardians to meet other ones to mount up with.

"Currently those are the four destinations that you will explore in the game. You did leave out The Tower. We didn’t take you there yesterday, but that will be a great social hub where Guardians can get together and socialise; they can strut their build, and they can have wonderful conversations that will hopefully lead them into the action together -- maybe they admire each other’s gear or a weapon, and say ‘where did you get that?’, and they’ll be able to have a great conversation like ‘oh, this? I got this on my favourite Strike. Ever been to Mars? We can go right now,'"Dague said.

Replayability has been a term we've heard developers use when it comes to their game and Dague went into some detail as to how and what he means by Destiny being replayable.

"We played through that Strike three times yesterday, and playing through these missions again and again and again, with different players, using different abilities, embodying different classes of guardians -- be you a hunter, a warlock, or a titan -- makes these experiences, we hope, very replayable.

"Because there is so many different variables that fill that Destiny sandbox with great action, and the more you change them out, or the more you customise yourself in different ways, makes the action always fresh and new, and hopefully makes the world of Destiny a place that you want to come back to again and again," Dague said.

Destiny will be launching this September for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game's beta should be coming up shortly as well.

Thanks, AusGamers.

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