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Bungie talks ‘Destiny’ equipment, story and multiplayer matchmaking

Bungie talks ‘Destiny’ equipment, story and multiplayer matchmaking
Bungie talks ‘Destiny’ equipment, story and multiplayer matchmaking

David Dague has revealed several more details in regards to the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Destiny.” According to a report from Segment Next on March 15, the community manager at Bungie first reconfirmed the unique equipment element in the shared-world first-person shooter.

Players will be able the inferred on the journeys of others just by looking at them as the equipment from “Destiny” is acquired through different scenarios and settings. You can find a few screens of how the characters will look in the upcoming title with the slideshow gallery to the left of this article and his comments below:

When you look upon a Guardian, you’ll be able to judge the book that tells their story by its cover. Their gear will be signposts for the missions they’ve completed. You’ll know if they are warriors of the arena, or journeyman from the wild. Their very appearance will tell tales of their finest moments as weapons of light.

Lars Bakken also talked a little bit about the competitive matchmaking in the online-required video game. The lead designer confirmed that Bungie prefers connecting players who are closer to each other. The development team will also try to match users with a similar skill level. You can find his statement below:

We agree that the best matches are the ones that are the closest. With that in mind, we match players in Destiny based on their performance. Not every game will be neck and neck (as human players have a tendency to get better over time and can have random spiky games), but we’re going to do our best to match you with other players of a similar skill.

Bungie is getting ready to launch a multiplayer beta for “Destiny” later this summer. The online play test will be made available first on the PS3 and PS4 before opening up for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The final product should be released on Sept. 9 for all four platforms.

The new intellectual property is being published by Activision, the same company behind the “Call of Duty” series and other popular franchises.