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Bungie's 'Destiny' might be episodic, takes cues from TV shows

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Bungie's Joseph Staten dropped new clues into the development of Bungie in an interview released Wednesday that suggest that the mythic sci-fi shooter might be episodic.

"I think typically, for the Halo games, we looked at movies. But really for this game, we looked at serial television; great dramas like Lost or The Wire; Battlestar Galactica," Staten told GameSpot at the Game Developers Conference last week.

"When you're building a world and you want to evolve it over time, it really helps to have an understanding of how you build this longer-form narrative. So for us, that was a really interesting new thing we did," he added. "I think we probably spend more time watching television these days than we do movies and that's definitely influenced the way we think about building our story."

Staten's mention of serial television immediately took us back to the first video documentary that was released for the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 game. It showed a player receiving an alert from the game on their iPhone that a new chapter was unlocked. Additionally, a later image showed that the game was broken up into books with multiple chapters.

The combination of this video and Staten's reference to episodic television to learn about building a longer-form narrative that evolved over time leads us to believe that Destiny could be episodic in some form. It's possible the game will launch with a selection of books and chapters available at the start and then Bungie will release additional content over time.

Interestingly, this is a similar approach that 343 Industries took with Spartan Ops in Halo 4. A new episode containing five missions for the co-op multiplayer series was released each week for a period of 10 weeks. That said, Bungie's efforts with Destiny sounds much more ambitious as it looks like it contain many MMO elements.

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