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Bungie provides new descriptions on the classes of ‘Destiny’

Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

Bungie’s upcoming mmo-shooter, Destiny, will give players the option to choose between three different playable classes when the game releases this September. While the classes which fans will be able to play have already been revealed in the past, the developer offered further clarification into the lore behind the classes due to a recent website redesign as reported by CVG on April 22.

The new official website for Destiny also revealed a slew of other details about the multiplayer first-person shooter including which planetary bodies that players will visit in addition to the alien creatures that they will face off against during their sci-fi adventures. Destiny will take players to multiple locations within our own solar system which includes Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus. The game will also feature at least four different alien factions that will serve as the title’s adversaries.

As for the three playable classes, Bungie has now offered new descriptions based upon what each class embodies. As the first of the game’s classes, the Titan is a heroic defender whose ranks are comprised of warriors from legendary bloodlines. The Hunter class belongs to loners from unsettled regions who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their way in the world. Finally, Warlocks will function similarly to wizards from fantasy games. They have studied the secrets of the Traveler which unlocks mysterious powers.

Destiny releases on Sept 9 and will launch across several platforms including Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. The game is now available for pre-order and those who purchase Destiny early will be invited to participate in a pre-launch beta test. In preparation for the game’s fast approaching release day, Bungie revamped the Destiny website earlier this week to offer gamers more information and images for the multiplayer title before it launches later this year.