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Bungie provides ‘Destiny’ development and multiplayer beta updates

Bungie's ‘Destiny’
Bungie's ‘Destiny’
Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

A representative of Bungie has posted several updates on “Destiny.” According to a report from GameSpot on April 21, the pre-alpha version of the multiplatform video game has been completed. As a result, the studio should be talking more about the shared-world first-person shooter in the near future.

Bungie has already invited several members of the press for a preview event of “Destiny.” Along with new information, fans should expect to be bombarded with new screens and videos about the new intellectual property in the near future. The same representative also admitted that the development team has been hyping the project a lot in 2013, adding that they will be planning to deliver on their promises as they owe it to their fans.

Although the pre-alpha version of “Destiny” is completed, Bungie still have plenty to do ahead of the game’s release date. The development team will first have to create an alpha build before going on to work on the multiplayer beta. Although the process has been tough on the development team, the promising pre-alpha version is keeping the creators motivated. You can find the comments from the representative in regards to the plans for the video game below (courtesy of Bungie):

Pre-Alpha itself is just a beginning. It leads us into Alpha proper, and you into Beta, but it’s already keeping us up late into the night. Though we’re bleary-eyed and exhausted with the day-to-day challenge of keeping Destiny on track, the tiny sampling offered by our Pre-Alpha is already hugely motivating.

The aforesaid multiplayer beta is set to launch later this summer. Although players from all platforms can test the video game out, PS3 and PS4 users will have first access. Bungie previously hinted that the multiplayer beta is going to feature plenty of content although not all areas can be explored. To get an invite, customers can pre-order the video game at participating retailers.

“Destiny” appears to be on track to come out on Sept. 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The software product, as well as the potential sequels, will be published and distributed by Activision. You can check out the visuals from the shared-world first-person shooter with the screen from the official Twitter account of the video game located to the top or the article.

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