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Bungie hints at ‘Destiny’ pushing the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the limits

Bungie hints at ‘Destiny’ pushing the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the limits
Bungie hints at ‘Destiny’ pushing the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the limits

Chris Butcher has provided some details regarding the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the cross-generation video game, “Destiny.” According to a report from World’s Factory on Jan. 7, the technical director at Bungie believed that the current-generation consoles still give the development plenty of “headroom,” adding that the engine has been their “most optimized” yet. As a result, both systems are being pushed to the limits. You can find his comment below:

The current generation of consoles, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, they have a lot of headroom still for us. We have the most optimized game engine we’ve ever produced for these consoles. We’re getting at the point now where we are wringing pretty much every ounce of juice out of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Chris Butcher went on to disclose that the Bungie was surprised at abilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360 being able to display higher counts of individuals on screen. The development team is using the CPUs and SPUs of both systems to the full effect in an attempt to make the experience consistent on all platforms. You can find some “Destiny” screenshots in the slideshow to the left of this article and the comment below:

We’re running higher character counts and higher player counts than we thought would even be possible on these things because we’re using every ounce of the CPUs and the SPUs and we’re offloading stuff to the graphics processor. You’re basically eating the whole buffalo at this point in the current generation. And that’s been our target right from the start is to make sure that we can provide that game experience that is consistent for everybody.

In addition to the PS3 and Xbox 360, Bungie is also developing “Destiny” for the PS4 and Xbox One. All four versions of the shared-world first-person shooter are expected to come out later this year on Sept. 9. Activision is also planning to launch a multiplayer beta, which will be arriving first on the PS3 and PS4, sometime during this summer.

“Destiny” is being developed by the aforesaid Bungie, the same studio responsible for the creation of the “Halo” series.