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Bungie explains why 'Destiny' only allows for chat between Fireteam members

Excited for more Destiny?
Excited for more Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

Destiny has already been discovered by thousands of people who enjoyed the first part of the beta on PS4 and PS3. Today, the beta will resume on all four major console platforms.

Players who haven't gotten a chance to play Destiny yet will notice you can only talk to those you have joined a Fireteam with. David Dague, who is a community manager at Bungie, talked about why Destiny players can only talk to people in their fire team when competing at The Crucible.

"We want to make sure your level of social engagement in Destiny is something that you have complete and total control over. We want you to make very deliberate decisions about the people you're going to have on your team, and the voices that you welcome into your audio mix.

"We've made a lot of games over the years that have brought a lot of gamers together in social and violent [encounters]. We found that people who know each other and trust each other tend to make the best contributions to the party. I can certainly remember playing Bungie games online and other people would use their access of being able to talk to me as an opportunity to incite grief or bully me, [so that's why we did that]," Dague said.

This is a nice move by Bungie because not everyone wants to hear a screaming 11 year-old while they're playing with their friends. Some other games could take a cue from Destiny in this regard. The Destiny beta opens back up today and this time it's for all four major consoles platforms.

Bungie will close the beta this coming Sunday and then that will be it until the Sept. 9. Some betas have been extended over the day they originally planned to end it, but it would be a surprise to see Destiny do this. Stick around as we'll have all the major details on the game leading up to, at and post launch.

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