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Bungie details inventory and planet layout for upcoming shooter ‘Destiny’

Bungie and Activision’s reported $500 Million bet, Destiny, aims to throw a wrench in the gears of typical shooter conventions in more ways than one. Not only does Bungie plan to flip the idea of level design on it’s head, but also bring in some MMO features that allow players to save gear between their available characters.

Bungie details inventory and planet layout for upcoming shooter ‘Destiny’
Bungie details inventory and planet layout for upcoming shooter ‘Destiny’ (image courtesy of Digital Trends)

Speaking exclusively with, Destiny Character, Cinematic and Technical Art Lead, Tom Sanocki said of variables within the maps players can expect,

Everything is going to be a little bit different, but the competitive modes are going to be available on a variety of maps.

“The biggest difference that you will see is some maps reveal the combat and some don’t,” Sanocki continued, “First Blood on the Moon has vehicles, and so for that map, we’ve designed it with vehicles in mind.”

Not as apparent in gameplay and walkthroughs so far, was the way that Destiny deals with player inventory, loot, and limitations on carried items. While the Alpha cleared some questions up, Sanocki clarified how inventory will be handled between your three available characters.

The inventory is pretty large. You can go to The Tower and use the vault to store items that you don’t want to have on your character.

Players may find themselves finding quite a bit of the less rare gear, or wanting to stash their lower level gear for another character they may want to progress in another game or with friends.

“That vault is shared among all of the characters on your account,” Sanocki said, “It’s a great way of sharing gear that one character doesn’t need with one that does”.

The Destiny Beta will serve to answer more questions for those that preordered the game, or secured their codes in another fashion when it kicks off on PlayStation consoles beginning July 17. Xbox console users will have to hold out until July 23 in order to participate, with the Beta concluding on July 28.

Destiny releases for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 consoles on September 9. Bungie also revealed collector’s editions of the new franchise earlier this week, available through select retailers in limited quantities.

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