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Bungie confirms 'Destiny' day one update to include 'UI readability,' plus more

Ready for Destiny?
Ready for Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

Destiny is a game that we will finally get our hands on completely when it launches two weeks from tomorrow, and once it has launched, Bungie has major plans to continue evolving it as time goes on. It's a ten year project and Bungie is in this thing for the long haul, and that is clearly starting with what's coming on day one.

Destiny's beta ended up being a smash success for Bungie and they learned a lot from player feedback. Among the feedback they took from the beta were small adjustments here or there to help enhance what seems like a stellar game. Bungie's Director of Production Jonty Barnes spoke about what they have planned for Destiny when the game launches and beyond.

"We've got plenty of ideas! We've got some things like UI readability we've got for day one that's just better. But we do have things we're going to change over time that will make those experiences better. You'll see stuff and you'll go, hey, have you seen what they've done to the explore mode recently? Maybe we should do some of that - it seems a lot better.

"We're going to try to do that for all of the game and build on the world. Having gamers participate in the dialogue about what they would like to see, not just our own team and user research group of gamers coming in and out, it certainly makes - it has done historically for Bungie - our games better," Barnes said.

Adjusting how legible the game's UI is, is just one of the various tweaks we'll see for Destiny day one. Bungie seems to be quite focused on evolving modes like Explore and wants to make sure that players are able to have the best experience regardless of the mode they are playing.

Providing updates to a game after it has launched is a very common occurrence nowadays and Destiny sounds like it'll have its fair share of that. Jesse van Dijk, who is the lead concept artist on Destiny, spoke about the ambitions they have for improving and refining the game once it has launched.

"It's going to be a very organic process. We definitely intended Destiny to be this living and breathing world. It's certainly not the case that we ship the product on the disc and that's it. As soon as it becomes live we're going to interpret the way people play the game and cater towards that by offering new content and literally making sure there's a new thing for you to do every single day," van Dijk said.

Launch is nearly here and Destiny has officially gone gold. Destiny will launch this coming Sept. 9 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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