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Bundy son failure to appear: Facing 2-8 years behind bars with callous attitude?

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Cliven Lance Bundy, the 34-year-old son of the Nevada rancher who organized an armed protest against federal agents during a cattle roundup dispute, has a warrant out for his arrest today. Lance Bundy is facing an arrest today from a felony conviction on weapons charges and burglary for which he was serving probation.

The warrant was issued because he didn't show up for his court date and by doing so he violated the terms of probation. This stems from a separate incident other than that of his father's protest, according to Fox News on July 14.

Bundy knows that there was a contempt-of-court warrant issued for him back on July 8 when he failed to appear in Clark County District Court. That was his scheduled date to appear before the judge who is overseeing a Las Vegas drug diversion program.

According to MSN News, Lance Bundy, who is not currently represented by a lawyer, said that he didn't appear in court because he had undergone surgery on the same day. He said he suffers from a nerve condition and needed to have the surgery.

Since undergoing the procedure he has been recuperating at his parent's home, which is about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas in Bunderville. At this time Bundy reports that he is looking for help from his program manager when he responds to this warrant.

Bundy told the media; "I am trying to get a hold of my counselor to see what I'm supposed to do." He said that he underwent surgery the same day the warrant was issued, but it also looks as if this was not the first time Bundy had missed a hearing.

He had missed several hearings previously and officials were unable to reach him and notify him of his court dates. It appears Bundy may be playing with fire because he is facing up to eight years in a state prison if the judge finds that he violated the terms of probation by not showing up for the court date.

He could be found in violation of the probation that he was sentenced to after pleading guilty to the burglary and weapons charges in February of 2013. He said that his addiction to opiate pain killers contributed in these crimes and that he was getting counseling for his addiction.

Apparently Lance is not taking these court hearings too seriously or he would have made sure to stay informed of all the dates he needed to be in court. The one court date that he did know about, he just happened to have surgery on the same day.

Will the judge see his missed dates as a callous attitude toward the trouble he is in with the law and have him finish out his sentence incarcerated in lieu of the probation he was granted?



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