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Bundy and Biden examples of old people with poor word choices

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Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is being dog-piled by both the Left and Right as a racist for remarks he made about today’s “negroes” being worse off than they were as slaves. The Left condemns him as if he were espousing a return to slavery because they have an agenda, and the Right condemns him because half of them are pussies. This is on the same level as Vice President Joe Biden telling families at the memorial anniversary of the Boston Bombing, “It was worth it.”

Bundy damned for his choice of phrasing

When I heard Joe Biden say those words to those grieving people, I did not sit there and start thinking, “He’s saying it was worth it for those people to be bombed so their families would grow stronger from the tragedy.” It was patently obvious that he meant it was worth his taking his time to attend this event to hear their testimonials. If that isn’t the height of arrogant naïveté, I don’t know what is.

Cliven Bundy is no more guilty of racism than Biden is guilty of Islamism. He was making the point that today’s blacks are worse off as voter slaves to the Democrats than they were as working slaves in the old South. Not having a job, doing drugs, and hooking up with baby mamas, all while spurning school and embracing gangster culture has led black families to their destruction.

Blaming white people for the condition of black people today is the foundation of the race grievance industry of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But the fact is, following the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement to stop the oppression of blacks and minorities, rather than embrace their potential, they have instead chosen to wallow in depravity. They are only following the path laid out for them by Democrats who embrace atheist socialism over Christian conservatism, and the entire nation is following them down in decline.