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Bundle your baby for the winter


Sozo Sweet Pea; Polkadotts
The winter season is upon us and if you have a newborn or young baby you may not want to always take them out in the cold weather. Yet, errands need to be done and you have no choice but to bundle your baby in blankets and take them with you.  Overdressing your baby or toddler in blankets and snow gear can lead to excessive sweating and illness. The rule of thumb with dressing your little one, is to take a look at yourself and provide only one more layer for them. However, there are plenty of winter baby gear out on the market that's sure to keep your baby warm and not overheat them,
A bunting suit is an excellent option for parents looking to forgo the excessive blankets. Sozo Sweet Pea bunting suit would make a great Christmas gift. This 100% cotton bunting suit shaped like a sweet pea comes with a matching hat. Just put your baby in the suit and zip them up to keep them cozy and comfy.

Columbia Snow Powder Suit; Columbia
Another great bunting suit for your baby is theColumbia Snow Powder  bunting suit. This part down and part feather winter suit is ideal when your baby or toddler wants to play outdoors in the snow. The great benefit of this suit is that it has a winter and water resistance and has fold-over hand and feet flaps to keep the cold and snow out.

JJ Cole Orignial Bundleme

If a bunting suit is not your winter gear style, then why not consider a JJ Cole Original  bundleme blanket. This is a faboulous creation for parents not wanting to dress their baby in multiple layers. With this bundleme blanket, you just attach it to your car seat or stroller and put your baby inside the blanket and go. The blanket has a soft inner fleece lining that will provide endless warmth. The blanket comes in the colors pink, khaki and navy blue and is wind and water resistant.


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