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Bundle me up baby, it's cold outside

Original bundleme infant
Original bundleme infant
Courtesy of JJ Cole

Winter in New England is in full swing and below zero temperatures combined with frosty winds can make getting outside with kids a challenge. But staying inside all winter is not an option and thanks to JJ Cole's bundleme you can take your little one out and feel confident that they'll be toasty warm.

The bundleme is a snowsuit for your car seat or stroller. It goes behind baby's back and then snuggles them into a little sleeping bag style bunting covering everything but their head. The bundleme comes in four styles: original, arctic, urban and lite. The descriptions are just as they sound. The original, starting at $39.99, is the first option they had and the classic style. The arctic, starting at $89.99,  is water resistant and designed for extreme weather conditions. It has an extra hood for added warmth and protection from the elements. The urban starts and $49.95 and is similar to the original but it comes in some bright color options and is wind and water resistant. The lite is a lighter option that is also wind and water resistant with fun color options. It also has the lowest price tag of $24.95.

The bundleme allows you to load your kiddo into a car seat or stroller without a big bulky snowsuit. Each version comes in sizes infant and toddler and can go into a car seat, stroller or jogging stroller. Every style is also designed so you can zip off the top layer to control the temperature.

JJ Cole has tested the products to insure that car seats with the bundleme installed still pass FMVSS-213 requirements.

To buy a bundleme locally visit Giggles in West Lebanon.

Now all you have to do is figure out how you're going to stay warm out there!


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