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Bumper bowling in Buffalo

Bumper bowling
Bumper bowling
bowling alley

Bowling is not just for professionals, bowling leagues or senior citizens. It can also be a fun, family activity. Yes, even your kids can have a great time bowling.

Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga, NY offers bumper bowling every day of the week. In bumper bowling a device is used to block the gutters so you never have a gutter ball. Instead the ball “bumps” its way down the lane towards the pins. Of course, this is the perfect invention for small children who can barely lift a ball, let alone roll it down the lane in a straight line. It is not a perfect remedy as sometimes the ball can still take an excruciatingly long time to get to the pins. Or often the ball rolls so slow it can actually stop in the middle of the lane requiring the bowler to summon one of the very patient and kind bowling alley employees.

The cost of a round of bowling at Thruway Lanes is $3 per game with a shoe rental fee of $3.50. Total cost is $7.50 per person which seems a little steep but it takes at least one hour to play one game of bumper bowling.
I am all about getting something for free or at least at a greatly reduced price. So, if you are interested in trying out bumper bowling here’s what you do. Go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the AMF Eclub on the right hand side. Once you sign up for the Eclub you will immediately receive a coupon for one free game of bowling for up to 10 people. You still have to pay for the shoe rental. Also, depending on when you go and who is working you may receive BOGO coupons or 99cent game coupons. If you don’t get one, just ask the person behind the desk!

It’s a fact, kids love to bowl. The satisfaction of seeing their ball knock down some pins is quite exciting to a small child. Parents will have a good time watching the fun their kids will have, not to mention the fact that moms and dads will have the best game of their life with no gutters in play! Bumper bowling is a fun winter activity for families in Buffalo!