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Bumblebees disease: Honeybee sickness plaguing bumblebees

Are bumblebees killing their cousins?
Are bumblebees killing their cousins?

The honeybee is causing a lot of trouble for their distant cousins as they are actually killing them. ABC News reported on Feb. 19, 2014, that a "bumblebees disease" is happening due to the wild bumblebees contracting the deadly sickness from the honeybees.

Bumblebees are extremely essential to the world due to their pollination of so many flowers and food as well. This is especially true for greenhouse tomatoes, according to insect experts. The bumblebees disease is hurting the poor creatures even more as well.

"Wild populations of bumblebees appear to be in significant decline across Europe, North America, South America and also in Asia," said study author Mark Brown of the University of London. He said his study confirmed that a major source of the decline was "the spillover of parasites and pathogens and disease" from managed honeybee hives.

Studies have shown that two kids of bees appear to be trading the disease. About 750 bees in 26 country-wide sites throughout Great Britain were studied along with a large amount of lab work so it could be seen how the bumblebees disease was being spread around.

It appears as if the small amount of disease just keeps spreading out and turning almost into a plague of sorts.

Studies have not 100 percent proven that the diseases go from honeybees to bumblebees, but it could very well be accurate. Bumblebees are likely to get the diseases from flowers they pollinate after honeybees have already infected them.

It's also possible that bumblebee diseases come from them getting into honeybee hives and stealing nectar that has been contaminated.

Hives of bumblebees have been looked at in an interesting fashion and it is no surprise that the disease spreads quickly.

"It's like Wal-Mart versus a mom-and-pop store," University of Illinois entomology professor May Berenbaum said in an interview.

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