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Bumble & Co. for a stay-at-home spa experience

love the lavender
Carol Stigger

Julie Diers, founder and owner of Bumble & Co., believes that when we surround ourselves with beauty, we move into a space of serenity and healing. Great Spas of the World promise serenity and healing, but fail to disclose the dramas of getting there.

Getting to a rural spa in India required an overnight hospital stay in Mumbai thanks to a particularly vicious curry. The Tuscan spa was magnificent, but I got robbed on the train from Rome. Even getting to a Chicago spa just 30 miles away was an adventure in avoiding potholes and unskilled drivers. The parking fee gave me a nose bleed.

When I learned that Bumble & Co. products are used in spas around the world, I requested some samples. Diers suggested a lavender theme to sooth my inner angst at a too-long harsh Chicago winter.

First, I sprayed my bathroom with lavender linen water spray. Then I soaked in a tub, washing my face with lavender body milk and the rest with lavender artisan goats’ milk soap. Soon my hair was wet and shining after washing it with lavender shampoo and rinse.

And then I just soaked and dreamed of flowers.

Hours later, I put on my robe and looked out the window. My tulips had shown up!

Okay, I can’t promise Bumble & Co. products will hasten Spring, but they sure changed my mood from depressed by my dull, brown yard to a spritely hope that I could dust off my vases.

No wonder Bumble products were included in Emmy Swag Bags, but you don’t have to be invited to the Emmys to enjoy the products. You can order Bumble & Co. products through the Etsy (dot) com website and learn more about the benefits of natural beauty products.

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