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Bullying while working - is it happening to you?

We hear a lot about bullying in schools, on the internet, on the playground and in the locker room but there is another type of bullying that seems to go unnoticed, BWW. That is bullying while working. This is a very real problem that does not discriminate against what type of job you have, location or race. The bullying does not only involve supervisors and managers but it also involves coworkers, which can be more subtle than bullying from an immediate supervisor.

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Bullying can and does encompass anything from leaving out a co-worker intentionally to "omitting" their name off of an email to the proverbial office "whispers" for whatever reason. The person that it is happening to recognizes it and is made to feel it.

The bully is very cunning, they know how to bully without being noticed by the other coworkers, or so it seems. The other coworkers most likely are playing a part in it or a few could really be oblivious to what is happening to the bullied coworker. More often than not, the bully will "recruit" other coworkers into the bullying act for more support and "round the clock" bullying of the individual.

The main thing to realize is that hopefully the bullied worker will have one on the job associate, someone to talk to at least occasionally for some type of solace. Also realize that in life, you may have to "go it alone" or stand by yourself because you don't always know who to trust, especially on the job. The bully, is usually someone who feels threatened or jealous of another person for whatever reason or just does not like the person because of the way they look. Whatever the reason, the bully wants to make the person as miserable and feel left out as possible. My suggestion is:
1. Document everything, names, dates, incidences because you never know when or if you might need it.
2. Make preparation to get out of there, transfer to another department or find a new job.
3. Walk in everyday with your head held high and walk with confidence, do not let them break your spirit, and realize that it may well be your confidence that is threatening to the bully.

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