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Bullying victim charged with disorderly conduct after recording the abuse

A Pennsylvania special needs high school student found himself in legal for videotaping the bullies who tormented him. An unnamed 15-year-old student told his mother that classmates had bullied him by tripping and shoving him. He also told his mother that someone had struck him with a book and almost burned him with a lighter.

Bullying victim charged with disorderly conduct after recording the abuse.
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The teen used his iPad to capture the bullying on video. He did so to present evidence to his mother. After the victim’s mother viewed the footage, she contacted the school’s principal. What happened next likely shocked both the victim and his mother.

Instead of punishing the bullies, the principal called the police on the victim. Authorities reduced the charges against the teenager from felony wiretapping to disorderly conduct. Although it’s not uncommon for students to capture bullying on video, it’s rare when the victim is punished.

During Math class, footage captures a student saying the victim’s pants should be pulled down. Other students in the video are heard laughing in the background. In Pennsylvania, filming isn’t permitted unless all involved parties consent. More details about this video bullying can be found at the Ben Swann website. The student is appealing the charge at an April 29th hearing.

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