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Bullying to blame in suicide of Linden middle school student

Once again, bullying has taken the life of an innocent student. This time, the student was a 15-year-old named Quadrique Pretlow. It is heartbreaking for the Linden, NJ community in which Quadrique resided. Formerly a Rahway resident, Quadrique moved to Linden this fall with his family. Sources say that Quadrique was a great theatre performer and singer. Police are currently investigating all leads regarding why Quadrique decided to take his own life. Anyone believed to be responsible for bullying Pretlow will be thoroughly investigated and if found guilty, prosecuted.

Quadrique Pretlow attended McManus Middle School in Linden, NJ. McManus Middle School is commonplace for bullying, although teachers and administrators have tried to make the school bully-free in recent years.

On a personal note, when I attended McManus Middle School back in the late 1990's, it was a dreadful experience for me. Students were ruthless in their attacks, targeting me for being "different". Students would engage in the most awful torment to me day after day and my only relief came when classes were over for the day and I could go home where it was safe. Back then, most bullying occurred at school, face-to-face. Now in 2014, bullying can occur at school, but it sadly continues online when students go home.

Bullying has ended the lives of numerous young people, both directly and indirectly. Students that are bullied feel that they have no place to turn; they feel trapped in their current situation. If you know of someone who is being bullied, try to help them out by telling school officials what is going on. Say something and you may be able to save a life. Don't wait; take action and speak up today! You can make a difference!

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