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Bullying, Part I: Physical Attacks

Many Baltimore children live each day in constant fear
Many Baltimore children live each day in constant fear
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    Apalachee_TW 5 years ago

    I think we intellectualize the problem too much. We ignore common sense and we have robbed children of a part of childhood, where they learn to work our their problems.

    I was bullied as a child. There was a little boy in my neighborhood who like to slap and hit for no reason. When I told my Grandma, she said "If he's man enough to give a lick, then he's man enough to take one!" I popped him once on his big head, and he stopped immediately. But two years later I was beaten up repeatedly by a bully. It continued for over a year until two things happened: #1: My military father taught me how to fight dirty; and #2: My grandmother gave me permission to fight back. I did fight back...and I WON! To be honest, I had to learn how to deal with this new found assertiveness in my own way. I developed a temper, which led to more problems and fights. But I started writing, and when I finally turned inward, I calmed down down.

    Here's my take: Attack the problem from all sides. We need to change these "no tolerance", rules in schools, which don't even allow for self-defense. We need to get parents hold parents accountable for their kids. We need to get serious about gang behavior. That includes funding social and programs AND locking up miscreants. We need to support the castle doctrines of self-defense. Maybe we need to listen more to old folks more. Is anyone up for a plate of common sense, with a side of Malcolm X?

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