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Bullshooter's to host Bonus Ball exhibition and tournament on Jan. 11

Bullshooter's, located at 3337 W. Peoria Ave. in Phoenix, AZ is hosting a one day Bonus Ball exhibition and tournament on Saturday, Jan. 11. This event will feature professionals such as Rodney Morris and Scott Frost, and include a separate ladies event.

Bonus Ball exhibition and tournament at Bullshooter's
courtesy of bullshooters

Format and details of the exhibition:

Location: Bullshooters

3337 W. Peoria Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Bonus Ball exhibition to began at 12 p.m.. The tournament will start at 2 p.m..

$500 will be added for the main event, with $300 added for the ladies tournament.

Entry fees: $10 for ladies, $15 for men, and anyone under the age of 18 are admitted for no charge.

There will also be a raffle, and autographed bonus ball hats and t-shirts.

About Bonus Ball:

Bonus Ball is played with nine billiard balls: four purple, four orange, and one black Bonus Ball. The objective of the game is to reach 30 points by pocketing balls. Each legally pocketed purple ball is worth one point, orange two points, and the Bonus Ball three points. Pocketing all three in order is called a "sequence". A player will continue their visit at the table until they fail to legally pocket a ball, or commit a foul. If a player fails to pocket the Bonus Ball on their turn, during their next visit to the table they will restart the sequence at purple. After the final orange ball is pocketed leaving only the Bonus Ball, the purple and orange balls are re-racked, and the active player must perform a re-break. The game is played until a player reaches 30 points or the 15 minute game clock expires. Failure to reach 30 points within regulation time will result in a shootout.

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