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Bullseye Camera System announce ipad/iphone app @ 2014 SHOT Show

Bullseye Camera Systems LLC
Bullseye Camera Systems LLC
Bullseye Camera System

Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC founded in 2012, provides target viewing solutions with its patent-pending, software-supported wireless target camera system, and announced at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, a new ipad/iphone app.

Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC, makers of a wireless target camera system to show your last shot flashing starting at at $549 MSRP, announced the release of the iPhone and iPad version of the Bullseye Target Manager Software. This allows current and all future Bullseye Camera System users to conveniently view their shots from their iPad or iPhone right at the firing line. Bullseye claim it will be in the App Store by the end of January.

Bullseye Camera Systems promises 2014 to be a year of innovation for their systems and have intimated at both an HD and Tactical Edition.

The Long Range Edition works to one mile and includes: weatherproof camera w/night vision, 5-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charger, Bullseye Target Manager Software, router, booster, antenna, tripod, and connectors all housed in a secure, foam-lined carrying case. This allows long-range hunters to develop loads at ranges that would otherwise present greater difficulty.

The Bullseye Target Manager software provides easy viewing of each last shot blinking on the screen, whether shot individually or in groups, by simply hitting the space bar on a laptop, and presumably will be similar on the ipad/iphone app. It allows for developing of shooter profiles, to include information such as: particular firearm, ammunition, hand-loading data, and measuring shot groups. The live-video mode is a recent advancement useful for rapid fire applications such as close range pistol, archery, automatic firearms and live competitions.

Among the benefits, shooters and hunters can mitigate eye fatigue, avoid mirage effect and decrease trips downrange, and in particular, it allows shooters to view shots, without the need of a spotting scope, or spotter. This allows the shooter to perform load development or sighting in, without the aid of an assistant or the cost of a spotting scope, which offsets the cost of the Bullseye system somewhat, given that a good spotting scope is at least half the cost of the Bullseye system.

For information on Bullseye Camera Systems check here

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