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Bulletstorm Controversy Created By Fox News; Parents Have Control

Fox News has "exposed" Bulletstorm.  Now let's "expose" Fox News.
Fox News has "exposed" Bulletstorm. Now let's "expose" Fox News.


  • Ryan 5 years ago

    Ahhhhhhh... feels good to read intelligent, well thought out and prepared writing. It's too bad the major news networks don't hire people like you, but I guess they wouldn't know what to do without their normal mindless dribble.

  • Crimefighter 5 years ago

    Why he left the reporters name out of the article is baffling...well I'm going to tell you his name - JOHN BRANDON.

  • Profile picture of Patrick Scott Patterson
    Patrick Scott Patterson 5 years ago

    I left his name out for a reason.

    Note my feelings that he is only attacking Bulletstorm from such a severe angle in an effort to make a name for himself.

    Therefore, I was certain to leave it out :)

  • KittyMcScratch 5 years ago

    I only hope that as this is talked about more, more people take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming it on others. Nicely written article. I'm glad that someone knows how to report.

  • Jason 5 years ago

    This is a well-written article, Scott. I agree, and would love to see Fox News' response. I think this guy should have you on as a guest... soon! I'm glad you're out there, doing what you do.

  • Thor 5 years ago

    Logic, intelligence, and honesty. All things to be found with Scott, and sadly devoid on FNC most of the time.

    Cheers for a good article, and we'll get the word out however we can.

  • GalsPanic 5 years ago

    If, for any reason, a parent fails to notice the huge "M" on the game, I would hope that the name BULLETSTORM would clue them in to the fact that it is a game for adults. But that might be expecting too much. *sigh*

    Nice writing. Thank you for actually reporting facts.

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