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Bulletproof your core with VeloPress Quick Strength for Runners

VeloPress Quick Strength for Runners
VeloPress Quick Strength for Runners
Minimalist Running Shoes

Continuing our coverage of bulletproofing your CORE, this Part 2 article is a quick introduction to the new book by VeloPress, Quick Strength for Runners. You can read about Part 1, Bulletproof your CORE with Trigger Point Therapy SMRT-CORE here.

Once upon a time, about twenty years ago, to be precise, runners believed that they didn't have to do anything but run.

- Amby Burfoot (1968 Boston Marathon Champion and former editor of Runner’s World magazine)

Quick Strength for Runners offers a smart, fast-paced strength training program for runners who want to run faster and with fewer injuries. In under an hour a week, runners will strengthen their CORE and key running muscles to build a better runner’s body.

Strength training is crucial for better running and injury prevention. But it’s difficult to know which strength exercises work best for runners or to get motivated to hit the gym. In Quick Strength for Runners, running coach and personal trainer Jeff Horowitz simplifies strength training into just two 20-minute workouts per week, with no gym or pricey equipment required. Designed specifically for runners, the 8-week Quick Strength program pinpoints the exercises that really work. Inside you’ll find:

· How strength training leads to better running form and fitness

· 40 targeted exercises, with step-by-step photos and instructions

· Progressive workouts and advanced form options

· A focused 8-week strength training schedule

· Tips on designing your own long-term workout plan

Quick Strength for Runners makes it easy for runners to build a better runner’s body. This highly effective, easy-to-implement program will make you a stronger, faster runner in under an hour a week so you can stay on the road or trail. This book focuses on three different types of strength training:

1. Balance: strengthen the neural paths that trigger key muscles to keep you upright and positioned

2. Core strength: strengthen the muscles to maintain proper positioning

3. Run-specific strength: strengthen the muscles to that are directly used in running

These are the three areas have the most impact on running. The included 8-week training schedule gets progressively harder and peak near the end of the program. Once you are comfortable with the exercises, you can design your own workout routines. Just make sure the workout plan is progressive - each workout builds on the previous one and prepares you for the next one. Experiment with various combinations of muscle groups - mix it up, just like with running shoes.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Strength Training for Runners: A Primer

3. Getting Started

4. The Exercises

5. The Workouts

6. Taking It on the Road

7. A Lifetime of Fitness

Grab your copy of Quick Strength for Runners while you are still injury-free and bulletproof your body ahead of any future performances.

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