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Bulletproof your core with Tony Horton P90X3

Bulletproof your core with Tony Horton P90X3
Bulletproof your core with Tony Horton P90X3
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Concluding our 3 part series on bulletproofing your CORE, this final installment is a complete review of Tony Horton's P90X3. My personal interest here are the 30 minutes or less (for those with limited down time) exercises for developing the CORE and FAST TWITCH muscles (via plyometrics). Tony Horton is the creator of the world famous P90X and related programs with over 6.5 million copies sold to date. P90X3 is for anyone who wants to get ripped by working out just 30 minutes a day. Tony Horton not only gets you in the best shape of your life with P90X - he keeps it fun, safe, and effective for people of all fitness levels. If you want exceptional results and aren't afraid of a challenging workout, P90X3 is the perfect program for you.


My intention is NOT to follow this program to get ripped in 30 minutes a day or lose weight. Those are just added bonuses if it worked for me. My focus is to develop my CORE and FAST TWITCH muscles.

You could follow any of the included programs or pick the ones that are relevant to your training. P90X3 has 4 unique schedules that include the same workouts, but differ based on your fitness goals. P90X3 Classic is a traditional balance of cardio and resistance for total-body fitness. P90X3 Lean is for those who prefer a more toned look. P90X3 Mass is for increasing bulk while still getting ripped. P90X3 Doubles is for those who are ready to take it up a notch to accelerate both their fitness gains and weight loss.

I focused on only 4 of the 16 workouts for now to develop my CORE and FAST TWITCH muscles:

1. X3 Yoga - CORE focus

2. Pilates X - CORE focus

3. Isometrix - CORE focus

4. Triometrics - FAST TWITCH focus

Just going through the 30+ minutes of each workout routine to full completion is a challenge. It will take more than (with extra rest in between) the initial length as you get used to it. And when you're done with the workout, you might not want to move again! I will do my training runs in the morning and pick one of the many workouts in the afternoons or evenings. P90X3 recommends 6 days of workouts a week with 1 day of rest. Do them at your own pace and make sure you have at least one day of rest. I started off with two to three alternating workouts a week. If you want to really follow the program, there is an included schedule that you can follow for the full 90 days.

Watching the videos are one thing, doing the workouts is another. I usually watch the whole workout video to familiarize myself with the moves or poses before actually going through a complete 30 minute workout. Some may LOOK easy but I guarantee you they are NOT - try the Warrior 3 pose (airplane in Isometrix) for 45 seconds! And you will burn your muscles the first three weeks. But keeping doing it as long as possible to retain the progress from each week - never stop for more than two weeks or everything you have gained (progress) are lost - RESET...

In terms of shoes, make sure you wear minimalist shoes that are flexible, low stack height, and wide toe box like Merrell Vapor Glove, Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon LS, and SKORA FIT, just a few of my favorites for workouts. Cross flit shoes like the New Balance Minimus MX20 is also an option.

In general, even if you are not training for any competitive events, going through some of these workouts will still help and complement your strength training. You will feel better overall but most important of all, injury-resistant with a bulletproof CORE. One of my colleague is training for the Ironman and he has already gone through all the SMRT-CORE DVD, INSANITY, and P90X workouts - he swears by it. So mix it up!

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