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Bullet Pocket Acne Aid

Two available Bullet sizes
Two available Bullet sizes
Caren Kong

Stress combined with a lack of sleep is a blend that can easily lead to breakouts, and Bullet Pocket Acne Aid is a product that is effective in combating this issue. I field tested this product during one of the most stressful and sleepless times for me: the week before, during and after NYFW.

The product comes in two sizes, 5 or 10 ML. Both are small enough to throw in your purse or even pocket to reapply throughout the day. The instructions advise to apply up to four times daily on breakouts. I found twice daily application to be enough for me, especially when I started applying at the first sign of a breakout. Unlike other topical acne treatments I have tried, Bullet does not leave you with dry and flaky skin. All you notice is decreased redness in the area, as well as, a reduction of the breakout. Another convenient factor of the product is that it does not require you to apply it on cleansed skin.

Bullet helps clarify skin using naturally derived ingredients. The product's smaller molecular size aids in better product penetration. The formula is also free of oils, alcohol, fragrances, parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals which can irritate inflamed acne prone areas. According to an independent lab report (available for your perusal on Bullet's website), the product kills 99.9% of acne bacteria.

To learn more about the science behind Bullet or to order some for yourself visit