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Bullet kills sleeping boy, 8: Stray bullet comes through wall, kills boy in bed

Boy, 8, killed while sleeping when a stray bulled came through the outside wall of his home.
Boy, 8, killed while sleeping when a stray bulled came through the outside wall of his home.
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When you put your kids to bed at night, it is usually a wonderful feeling to know your little ones are tucked into bed safe and sound. That little bit of sanctuary was violently violated for a Detroit, Michigan family this week as a bullet pierced the wall of an apartment complex and killed a little eight-year-old boy who was sound asleep in his bed.

According to Fox News on July 30, the media has identified the dead boy as Jakari Pearson, who was at home asleep in bed at about 1:15 a.m. when two bullets entered his room with one making contact and killing him. Pearson was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where he was pronounced dead about 45 minutes after he’d been shot.

The shots came from outside the Brewster Homes complex on the east side of Detroit. While no arrests have been made in this shooting, police do have a “person of interest” they are speaking with today, reports MSN News.

A neighbor, who lives next door to the dead boy’s family, reports hearing “five or six very loud booms,” which she realizes today was the gunfire that killed her small neighbor. Tenesha Higgins said that gunfire is something very common in this city housing project which is a northeast of downtown Detroit.

She too was sleeping when she heard the gunshots, which sounded very close. She thought they were coming from the front of the building. The gunfire was followed by screams and sirens, said Higgins.

The commotion prompted her to get up and see what was going on. When she opened up her front door, she saw the little boy “laying in the street.” Apparently his mother’s boyfriend was in the process of rushing him to the hospital.

A make-shift memorial was erected in front of the building where the little boy lived. This all-too typical memorial for a child appears again in the city with stuffed animals, cards and letters. Some of the signs read “Give Our Children a Chance” and “Children are the Future.”

Police said that one of the bullets that entered the child’s bedroom actually pierced the brick wall of the building about two feet below the window. This they believe is the fatal shot that ended the young boy’s life.

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