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'Bullet Girls' is about ripping clothing off of young girls and groping them

A gallery of Bullet Girls screenshots.
A gallery of Bullet Girls screenshots.
D3 Publisher

Japanese developers have produced numerous games about stripping and fondling young anime girls. Doki Doki Maho Shinpan is a DS game about groping schoolgirls suspected of being witches. To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstacy features a mini-game where the player is encouraged to fondle underage girls. Some of the Senran Kagura games allow the player to grope the protagonists' nearly-nude bodies. (On a related note, GalGun is a game about shooting pheromones at lovelorn schoolgirls until they pass out.)

Bullet Girls
"D3 Publisher" and Japanese game development studio "Shade"

The latest game to join the long list of Japanese games about fondling schoolgirls is "Bullet Girls" for the PS Vita. The developers behind this game are the same team responsible for OneeChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers; they are grizzled veterans at making games about scantily-clad women.

Bullet Girls is a game about high school girls who are learning about military tactics by participating in mock gunfights. Their weapons fire bullets that can only harm clothing; shooting a girl means triggering a cut-scene where the player watches her uniform get torn off by bullets. The developers boast that there are 39 different sequences featuring clothing getting blasted away; after all, it's important to provide variety, if the player is going to be watching these cut-scenes so frequently.

The girls will also undergo special military training to help them learn how to resist against interrogation. This training comes in the form of having their bodies poked, rubbed, grabbed, and slapped by the player, making ample use of the Vita's touch-screen interface.

The game also allows the player to pick out the girls' undergarments; considering the nature of the game, these girls will probably be spending more time in their underwear than in their school uniforms. The game boasts 40 different bras and 40 different panties for the player to mix-and-match as they please.

The developers have released dozens of screenshots of the game, featuring the girls' clothing being torn off and their young bodies groped mercilessly. View the image gallery attached to this article if you'd like to see dozens of anime girls clad in only their underwear, tormented by bullets and probing hands.

Bullet Girls will be released for the PlayStation Vita on August 28th, 2014.

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