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Bullet For My Valentine: Fever album review

Bullet For My Valentine, "Fever"

Summary: Bullet For My Valentine's "Fever" is essentially infantile radio rock with heavy guitars and better instrumentation.  You won't hear a single new idea or concept on this album, but the music isn't so generic that you'll need to turn it off immediately.

Genre: Aggressive Metal

2 Stars


Three Days Grace has returned to the scene...wait a second!  Shinedown has just released their heaviest...hold on a minute!  This is Bullet For My Valentine?

Really?  Who knew?

If you're into songs about girls on their knees, or if you just haven't heard enough songs in the past two years with the phrase "I am not your enemy!" in them, then Fever's the disc for you!  The lyrics are about as inane as anything you'll hear on the radio, and the music is roughly as formulaic, though it's definitely scoring a few points due to the musicianship displayed here, as well as the significant increase in heaviness over the bands mentioned previously.  "The Last Fight" features some stunning solo work, and the entire band definitely pulls out some great instrumentation throughout the entirety of this album.

But it's not like it's groundbreaking work on the drums, guitars, or bass.  It's stuff you've heard before, played a notch or two above basic competency.  So if you throw it on in the background, people will mistake it for some really cool stuff.  Case in point: "A Place Where You Belong" begins with the EXACT guitar riff from the bridge section in Killswitch Engage's "Rose of Sharyn." Of course, then it turns into a craptastic ballad about Romeo and Juliet or something.

"Pleasure and Pain" is a track you'd do well to sample.  This is about as good as the album gets. Damning praise, because you could get the same riff on pretty much any Ratt album, and the chorus won't be nearly as generic.  Anyway, if it gets your goat, then you might just dig the rest of this tedium.  If not, you'll know enough to steer clear.

Again, it's not a total waste of time.  But it's definitely not worth spending money on.

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  • Biohazard 5 years ago

    This is a terrible review. Sure BFMV isn't screaming like they used to, but most of the album save a few select tracks are sure as hell not radio friendly.

  • Tim 5 years ago

    Nothing on this album was innovative. As I said, it's not a terrible album; it's just nothing new.

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