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Bulldog Canyon road 1356

Road 1356 Bulldog Canyon

Bulldog Canyon
Bulldog Canyon
will sanders

Today we traveled road 1356 between Wolverine gate and the Apache Trail. This is the final jeep trail for us in the Bulldog Mountain off road recreation area just out of Apache Junction. We drove all of the other roads out here on a couple previous trips. This one only takes a couple hours if you really take your time. Remember that you must get the free permit from the Mesa District office of the Tonto National Forest to drive these backcountry roads. They give you the combination to the locks on all the gates and directions to them.

Unlike a couple of the other roads out here, road 1356 hardly requires four wheel drive. That means no rock crawling and only a couple steep hills. The ocotillo was in full bloom as well as a few prickly pear and small barrel cactus. Right past Wolverine gate there is an interesting arch up the side of the mountain to the north. Lots of the mountain sides out here are covered with that yellow lichen like growth. About halfway to Apache trail this road tops a rise and you get a great view of Weaver’s Needle and Superstition Mountain. Other than that this is probably the least interesting road out in the Bulldog Mountain area. You still get treated to Sonora Desert Saguaro cactus forest so it isn't like going to Mars or anything.

Will was here 3/27/2014.