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Bulldog Canyon revisited

entrance gate
entrance gate
will sanders

It’s been a few years since I visited Bulldog Canyon so I figured it was time to put the green monster back on the trail. A couple weeks ago we took one of the shorter jeep trails out in the Goldfield Mountains.

This time we took road #10 which is on the other side of the Goldfields. This is a jeep road. Enough said except the green monster barely broke a sweat going over it. We entered at the Blue Point gate which is on the Bush highway just before the bridge.

Remember, you need a free permit to drive out here and the combination to the gate to get in and out. You can get this permit at the Mesa district Tonto National Forest office.

This is another popular ATV and jeep trail so expect to see some other people out here. We went on a weekday so only met a half dozen other parties but I expect weekends get busier. Road 10 heads more or less south and sorta follows Bulldog Canyon. A power line sorta follows the canyon too. Other than that it is a typical Sonora Desert getaway from the city. Expect to see plenty of saguaro cactus and all of the other varieties of stickery plants. Add in some interesting rocks and rugged mountains. All in all it’s a pleasant two to three hour drive to the Wolverine gate which is in the outskirts of Apache Junction. I’d take longer though to stop and look around. The place isn’t as pretty as the Superstitions next door but hey, you can get your jeep to carry your backpack here.