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Bull Terrier puppy stolen in Texas, surveillance camera records theft (Photos)

Thursday Feb. 21, 2013-

Zeus, a five month old bull terrier is missing. Theft  caught on neighbors security camera.
Zeus, a five month old bull terrier is missing. Theft caught on neighbors security camera.
Worden family
Zeus was stolen from family's yard
Katie Worden

A Longview, Texas couple said they would do just about anything to find their dog. Their English Bull Terrier puppy named Zeus was taken Tuesday from their backyard and it was all caught on camera. (scroll to bottom of article to view video)

A dognapper jumped their fence to snatch the pure-bred pup. The crime, caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera, is “sickening to watch,” owner Katie Worden told reporters. Zeus who is just five months old was in the backyard with their other dogs when he was stolen.

The surveillance video showed one person scale the fence and snatch Zeus, then hand the dog off to a second person outside of the fence. The two people then ran off , back in the direction they had come from.

Worden said Zeus had a room in the house and rarely spent time outside, but the couple chose to put him out because Tuesday was a nice day.

“It was about 4:30 when we got home. One of the dogs wasn’t in the back yard. We looked around the house and couldn’t find him; so, we searched the neighborhood,” Worden said. That was when they realized the puppy was really gone.

The Worden's are thankful for their neighbor sharing the video. "He told us we could do anything we wanted with it to help find our dog. Klancey Cox who owns a pet education and transportation company called The Good Dog Academy here in Longview has also been helping us.", Katie said Thursday.

The Worden's are offering a reward for the dogs safe return. If you have any information contact 903-220-8724 or the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1170. A facebook page called Help Find Zeus has just been set up for sharing information.


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