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Bull riding a fun attraction at a county fair

Hang on buddy you'll make it?
Sidney Drabkin

The bull's head went up and down several times--the rider's arm and hand waving--all of a sudden the bull's head snap down, and the rider went flying over the bull's head, landing on a set of matts, placed on the floor, for his protection.

This was one of the attractions at a California County fair, which many counties have yearly. Every summer the counties have a county fair and at the end of summer the state has its state fair--The California State Fair, for example.

The main idea of a county fair is to show off the agriculture of the state, but to hold the people interest other attractions are needed: a carnival, a rodeo, concerts, like climbing a mountain to collect a hundred dollars at the top of the mountain, etc.

Many counties are trying to drop the county fair because attendance is low: people are not interested in going. It could be the weather, hot during the day and cold after the sun goes down, the attractions are not interesting, they are too expensive to attend, and if you have seen one you have seen them all; in other words, they are all alike.

County fairs can be fun when you visit the right exhibits; for example, bull riding. A young man, wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, was telling a girl next to him. "You only have to squeeze your legs against the bull's side and hang on." he said. "Here, let me show you." He paid his money and got on the bull, and within seconds was tossed off. He paid again and got on, and was tossed off in less time then the first time. He and the girl walked away: he was shaking his head and she was laughing.

So, when a county fair comes your way, visit the fair it can be enjoyable way to spend a day.

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