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Bull Connor Accepts Harry Reid's Apology


By now anyone who pays attention to politics knows what Harry Reid said about President Obama when he was running for office. Reid apologized and Obama accepted and for rank and file of the Democrat Party that is the where it ends.

Michael Steele led the call for Reid to resign calling out the Democrats’ double standard citing Trent Lott’s infamous toast to Strom Thurmond on the latter’s 100th birthday.

Well Harry Reid isn’t going anywhere (at least until November) and the “scandal” will dry up as soon as everyone has had their say on the matter. Republicans will decry the double standard Steele described while Democrats defend Reid saying that there is a difference between Reid’s poor choice of words and Lott’s praise of a segregationist politician.

The question that should be on everyone’s lips is “Is any of this new?” The Democrats have a long history of racial insensitivity and race baiting while proclaiming themselves champions of equal rights, while republicans have a long history of being criticized as racists and bigots.

In 1942 Senate President pro tempore Robert Byrd (Democrat, West Virginia) joined the Ku Klux Klan. In 1944 Byrd wrote that he would never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by his side. Ironically Byrd is secured in place as third in line to succeed President Obama should he die in office by the ever loyal, post-racial Democrats.

Four years later in 1948 Strom Thurmond ran as a segregationist for President. After losing to Harry Truman, Thurmond was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1954 as a Democrat. In 1957 Thurmond filibustered the Civil Rights Act for 24 hours and 18 minutes then in 1964 Thurmond joined the Republican Party.

Meanwhile in Alabama Democratic governor Bull Connor was unleashing the fire hoses against civil rights activists. In 2006 Hillary Clinton told an audience that the U.S. House of Representatives (then under Republican control) was being run like a plantation.

Al Sharpton defended Clinton’s statements reminding everyone that would listen that he had said the same thing first during the 2004 election cycle. Sharpton has been touring the media circuit defending Reid since the scandal broke.

In April of 2007 radio host, democratic sympathizer and private citizen Don Imus deemed the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos.” The race hounds led by Sharpton, chased away Imus’ sponsors then chased Imus off of TV then off radio. I haven’t heard Sharpton calling on Harry Reid’s political donors to stop donating to the Senator’s campaign.

The sad thing is this is how the Democrats always act. Remember in the 1990’s after pushing sexual harassment reform to ridiculous proportions the feminists turned and defended the sexual-harasser-in-chief Bill Clinton. The Democrats never really care about blacks or about women. They care about staying in power, therefore they pander to these groups doling out government funds and programs to keep them on their side.

Only a Democrat can get worked into a rabid frenzy over any form of profiling when it comes to screening fighting the war on terror saying that no judgments can be made based on race; but in the case of college admissions race is considered an invaluable asset. It also takes a Democrat to push endlessly for federal sexual harassment laws to cover off-color office jokes only to turn around and defend the Presidents sexual affair with an intern.

As I wrote above this latest “scandal” will blow over and we will forever hear how Harry Reid has had a long and distinguished career leading the Democrats as they fight for equal rights and how Strom Thurmond was just another typical Republican bigot.

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  • Charlie 5 years ago

    This is really a typical Conservative Republican in which the author shows both his ignorance and self pity. Reid's problem is that he spoke the truth. Perhaps the author would have us believe that a dark skinned Negro with a Negro accent really could be elected in 2008 and that the earth is really flat?
    He compares this to a remark by Senator Lott who wished for the election of a man who campaigned for President on the platform "Segregation forever!"
    He then attacks Senator Byrd for what he championed in the 1940s never considering what he has done since.
    And finally he tells us Democrats have had a long history of race baiting and racial insensitivity. Conservatives concerned about racial insensitivity! What a laugh! In the past they derided such sensitivity as "political correctness" Perhaps he can explain in his next column how it is that the majority of Blacks vote Democratic? Perhaps they are just not smart enough to vote Republican Conservative? This author is a waste of time

  • John-Boy 5 years ago

    The real waste of time here is reading these comments by Charlie. I wonder what this country would look like if more people conveniently "forgot" about liberals' blatant hipocracies, empty promises of change or socialist histories.
    It seems that Charlie is one of the many who hoped that by voting for "change" last November his mortgage would magically get paid and his free government gas cards would show up in the mail every week.
    Here's hoping that your mail box will one day magically fill up with handouts and that your votes for change won't be so regreattable as they are now.
    Here's to election day 2010...can't get here fast enough.

    "I have one thing to say to the tax increasers - go ahead, make my da."
    - Ronald Reagan

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