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Bull Connor Accepts Harry Reid's Apology



  • Charlie 6 years ago

    This is really a typical Conservative Republican in which the author shows both his ignorance and self pity. Reid's problem is that he spoke the truth. Perhaps the author would have us believe that a dark skinned Negro with a Negro accent really could be elected in 2008 and that the earth is really flat?
    He compares this to a remark by Senator Lott who wished for the election of a man who campaigned for President on the platform "Segregation forever!"
    He then attacks Senator Byrd for what he championed in the 1940s never considering what he has done since.
    And finally he tells us Democrats have had a long history of race baiting and racial insensitivity. Conservatives concerned about racial insensitivity! What a laugh! In the past they derided such sensitivity as "political correctness" Perhaps he can explain in his next column how it is that the majority of Blacks vote Democratic? Perhaps they are just not smart enough to vote Republican Conservative? This author is a waste of time

  • John-Boy 6 years ago

    The real waste of time here is reading these comments by Charlie. I wonder what this country would look like if more people conveniently "forgot" about liberals' blatant hipocracies, empty promises of change or socialist histories.
    It seems that Charlie is one of the many who hoped that by voting for "change" last November his mortgage would magically get paid and his free government gas cards would show up in the mail every week.
    Here's hoping that your mail box will one day magically fill up with handouts and that your votes for change won't be so regreattable as they are now.
    Here's to election day 2010...can't get here fast enough.

    "I have one thing to say to the tax increasers - go ahead, make my da."
    - Ronald Reagan

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