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Bukeela ka Ethiopia: Nespresso's latest Pure Origins coffee

In January, Nespresso launched Bukeela ka Ethiopia, a single origin African coffee and the fourth in its Pure Origin collection (pictured).
In January, Nespresso launched Bukeela ka Ethiopia, a single origin African coffee and the fourth in its Pure Origin collection (pictured).
Nespresso USA

A couple of times each year, home espresso purveyor Nespresso unveils a new expression in its Grand Cru series of coffees. On January 21st, the company unveiled its latest addition, Bukeela ka Ethiopia, sourced exclusively from Ethiopia, one of the birthplaces of the coffee plant.

Crafted by blending two distinct Arabica coffee beans with distinct aromatic profiles, the coffee is designed to be pressed from Nespresso machines as a "Lungo" or long coffee (about 3.75 oz), rather than a smaller espresso. The first bean is a washed Arabica from the small Sidama zone, in south-central part of the country. The region is known for its washed coffees and experts can identify Sidama beans from their specific floral and Jasmine aromatics. The second bean hails from western Ethiopia, where the pland grows wild. The beans are unwashed and sun dried, and lend an earthy, "wild" taste. Beans are selected from the top 1% to 2% of each area's coffee harvest, and conform to Nespresso's AAA Sustainable Quality Program.

The final blend ranks a 3 (out of 10) on Nespresso's intensity scale (a measure of the boldness and depth of the taste, not the amount of caffeine). The crema (froth) is a rich rose gold to amber, with a bone finish. On the nose, it is a blend of pungent floral notes: jasmine, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, combined with wood/forest floor green notes. On the palate it is earthy and full-flavored, while being medium to light bodied, with medium acids and a smooth, lingering finish. This would make a terrific breakfast coffee to kickstart the day.

Bukeela is also the fourth expression in the brand's Pure Origin range, and the company's first single origin coffee from Africa. According to literature from Nespresso, the brand chooses "a few of the most iconic coffee-growing countries to create the Pure Origin Grand Crus. Each of these coffees is profoundly linked to its country of origin, thus reflecting its soul, climate, flavors and nuances." In addition to Bukeela, Pure Origin includes Rosabaya (Colombia), Dulsão (Brazil) and Indriya (India). In addition to individual sleeves, Bukeela is also currently available in a four-sleeve pack with the other three Pure Origin coffees.

Bukeela is available, beginning January 21st, at Nespresso flagship boutiques in New York, Miami, Boston, San Francisco and Beverly Hills, along with boutique-in-shop locations in participating department and cookware stores, though the Nespresso Club (800.562.1465) or at


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