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Buju Banton's Miami performance is being protested by the LGBT community

Photo of Buju Banton Miami performance causing protests
Buju Banton's Miami performance at the James L. Knight Center is being protested by members of the LGBT community. Photo:Gregg/Wikimedia Commons

Buju Banton upcoming Miami performance is being protested by the LGBT community

Reggae star Buju Banton's upcoming Miami concert is causing an uproar in the lesbian and gay community. The lyrics to the song "Boom, bye bye" have many in the LGBT outraged. The song violently describes what Buju Banton would do to a gay man. 

Many Miami residents upset that the City of Miami is allowing Buju Banton to perform at James L. Knight Center, which is owned by the city.

CBS 4 contacted officials at the James L. Knight Center concerning Buju Banton's concert. An email was sent to the news station that stated "We are not putting on the Buju Banton show. We are leasing the space to a promoter who is putting on a reggae concert, which happens to include this artist. The promoter is a very decent and honest man. I do not believe he signed this artist to invoke hate but to perform as just another reggae act."

Local gay rights group Equality Florida has promised to put pressure on anyone associated with the event.

If you would like to join Equality Florida's effort to stop Buju Banton from coming to Miami, you can sign a petition online here.

Stratton Pollitzer of Equality Florida told CBS 4 "Buju Banton has the right to say whatever he wants to on the street, but these venues are not obligated to provide a platform for him to incite violence and murder against gay and lesbian people,".

Protesters have successfully manged to get Buju Banton's concerts canceled in other cities. Edge Boston reported, AEG Live spokesperson Michael Roth said the promoter canceled Banton’s national concert tour due to overwhelming pressure LGBT organizations around the country put on it. Live Nation also canceled concerts scheduled for Banton. 

If you are wondering how bad the lyrics are to "Boom, bye bye", we have posted a censored version of some of the lyrics below

Get an automatic or an Uzi instead
Shoot them now
When Buju Banton arrives
f--gots have to run
Or get a bullet in the head
Bang-bang in a 
f--got’s head
Homeboys don’t condone nasty men
They must die.

Buju Banton had promised not to perform Boom, bye bye in 2004. He performed the song in Miami at Memorial Fest on 05/29/2006. See the video below for part of his Miami performance where he sang the song he promised he would never perform again. 

Should the City of Miami allow someone who wrote those lyrics perform at the city-owned James L. Knight Center? Tell us what you think by commenting below.

Buju Banton will be performing at Reggae Fest on October 31st at the James L. Knight Center. Buju will be joined by fellow reggae stars Beenie Man, Wayne Wonder and Red Rat


  • Mike Wilton 5 years ago

    While I don't agree with his message or the lyrics we do live in a country that values the freedom of speech. Why should he be silenced just because it's at a city property. Would it be ok to silence someone who's lyrics were pro homosexuality? I sure as hell wouldn't be ok with it. We won't all always agree, but both sides deserve to be heard regardless of the context of their message.

  • papashante bushman 4 years ago

    dem shu liv Buju alone,yim juss did da chune,i n sure de batty bwai dem shoul be shoooooooooot

  • David L. Wylie 5 years ago


    It's a city-owned venue and the city gets a cut of the sales. I have a huge problem with that.