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Building your Brand using Social Media

different social media sites
different social media sites

Building your brand is very important in the professional world. Your "Brand" is how the world associates with you. The impression that is made needs to be positive so it is your job to do everything necessary to make it that way.

Once you have figured out what you want your brand to be then it is time to get the brand out to the world. One of the best ways to get your brand out is through a social media campaign. Every good marketing plan has a social media component. If you are missing this component, it is time to start building it now.

This is a list of Social Media sites that you should have an account:

LinkedIn: Setup up a profile and connect with people that are in your area(s) and people who will be your client base. Make sure that your profile is complete and geared to your client base. When people are looking to do business, they tend to check the LinkedIn profile because it contains all of the professional skills and accomplishments. Once you know what your niche is creating a group on your area(s) is also a plus.

FaceBook: Setup a Fanpage about you and/or your business that represents your brand. Promote it with people in the industry and your potential/current client base. Use the functions of the Fanpage to your advantage: Videos, pictures, guest posts and mailing lists can help you get the information out in an interactive way. Make sure that everything you post is high quality because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Twitter: Tweet your events, articles and pictures to get the word about your brand. Make sure your brand has an account of its own because if you do your branding correctly people will look for the brand not just you as an individual. Make sure you use hashtags and exciting copy to get more people involved in your tweets and get the audience to interact by replying and retweeting. Always show appreciation to those that help share your information to the twitter public. Hosting Twitter Chats helps to get the information out in realtime. Just give your chat a special hashtag, set a time to tweet and let the tweets flow.

Google+: Setup a profile and post your information and host hangouts with your client base. Hangouts are when you can interact in realtime with your audience. There are many interactive tools that you can use to get more information out. Videos, pictures, text and voice can help in your brand presentation. Remember to hashtag your information but if you forget it is ok because Google+ will provide a hashtag for you. This is a helpful feature.

These are some of the Social Media sites to choose from to build your campaign and your brand. Add your profile links to your letterhead, email signatures, resumes and bios. Make sure that each piece of your brand is consistent. Your brand can be used to get positions, speaking engagements, business opportunities and more. Remember that your brand is what you make it. If you put yourself out there and often you will make it happen.

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