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Building vocabulary for a foreign language

Montmartre, Paris
Montmartre, Paris
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Stop and think what you must have done when you were an enfant and were learning your native tongue. Your first few years most of your language instruction was at home.
Everything that was said to you pertained to the rooms and the actions that take place in those rooms.

Mommy would talk to you as she changed your diaper. What would she have been likely to say? ‘Nice little girl/boy. Oh, you’re all wet; are you hungry, etc.

But take one room at your house or apartment at a time and write down the name of every item that is likely to be found there. Those will be the nouns. Which action words will be associated with them? These are the verbs. This should be the starting point for learning the foreign language. Is should be done in the same manner that you learned your native tongue.

Since the first thing you do in the day is to wake up, get up, eat, take a shower, etc. how do you say all the nouns and verbs connected with the beginning of the day? So, all these things concern the bedroom and the bathroom. What are the nouns associated with them?
Bed, sheet, pillow, alarm clock, slippers, etc. and the verbs: waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed; maybe even walking the dog;

Yes, you must purchase a small bilingual dictionary. You can’t learn a foreign language and not have a dictionary handy.

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